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Steffensen & Würtz

“We believe that design is about creating appealing and functional products that are durable and worth keeping for generations.

We make an effort in understanding our clients needs, potential and visions as well as always keeping up with the trends and tendencies within design, furniture and lifestyle. In that way we can create the frames to design within in order to make designs that are feasible, commercial and worth keeping.”

Steffensen & Würtz ApS is founded in 2015 by Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz Mogensen.

With a Master in Industrial design and a freelance design experience since 2010 we have good understanding of design, furniture and product design.

We are pleased that our work has been awarded:

Red Dot – Best of the Best 2013, allmilmö kitchen

German Design Award – Special Mention 2015, allmilmö kitchen

German Design Award – Excellent Product Design 2023 – Table top, SACKit Wine Cooler 

German Design Award – Special Mention 2023 – Excellent Product Design – Lifestyle and Fashion, SACKit Cobana Lounge Sofa